Democrats Don’t Want Hillary ‘Kiss of Death’ Clinton to Campaign with Them

Democrat candidates are turning their backs on Hillary Clinton’s offer of help for the 2018 elections saying she is the “kiss of death” to their campaigns.

Democrat candidates all across the nation are turning their backs on Hillary Clinton’s offer of help for the 2018 elections saying she is the “kiss of death” to their campaigns.

Less than two years ago, Hillary Clinton was the face of the Democrat Party. Now, candidates can’t get away from her fast enough, according to the Washington Examiner:

As the midterm election campaigns enter the home stretch, the former secretary of state, first lady, senator, and 2016 Democratic nominee is almost completely absent from the campaign trail. Most Democrats are keen to keep it that way, fearing that her reappearance could cost them a golden opportunity of winning back control of Congress.

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are due to go back on the road next month, embarking on a 13-city tour in which they will conduct “one-of-a-kind conversations” about “the most impactful moments in modern history”. But Democratic strategists are relieved that their first event will be 12 days after Americans go to the polls on Nov 6.

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“I think they’re measuring how they can have the best, positive impact and have kind of decided to wait until after the election,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

One House Democrat said the Clintons were not missed. “I have not seen Hillary or Bill at all — and I’m very grateful for that,” he said. “When I think of people who have been part of our push to retake the House, I just don’t think of them at all. … I think it’s a very good thing that they’re not being visible. It wouldn’t help our candidates.”

The Examiner notes that Clinton’s footprint in the 2018 midterms has been “remarkably light” with most of her work for Democrats going on out of the spotlight and in secretive, closed-door, fundraising efforts instead of appearing before the cameras and on stage with candidates.

According to the paper:

“Hillary Clinton is the kiss of death and she represents the part of the Democratic Party that led to historic losses and that elected Donald Trump president,” said a leading Democratic strategist who requested anonymity because of fear of political retribution.

Then there was this hilarious bit as one Democrat replied to the fact that Hillary did appear at an event for New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, a man who has been under federal indictment.

The Democratic strategist said: “It’s no surprise that one of the very few Democrats that would welcome her is someone who was formerly under federal indictment and the most scandal-plagued Democrat in the country.”

Now that right there is funny.

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