Democrats Delaying Judge Kavanaugh would Help Trump and the GOP

Some of the Democrats believe that they can keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed until after the midterm elections, because they (foolishly) believe they can win back control of the Senate.

The Democrats in the Senate are considering trying to obstruct the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Some of the Democrats believe that they can keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed until after the midterm elections, because they (foolishly) believe they can win back control of the Senate.

Here’s the problem…

First, they are NOT going to win back control of the Senate. (The House, maybe.) Second, by dragging their feet on the confirmation of an eminently deserving Judge like Kavanaugh, they risk angering conservatives and independents and making the more likely to vote Republican.

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But don’t take my word for it, listen to professional protester Frank Luntz who agrees with my insight on this.

Laura Ingraham: Frank Luntz, you have an interesting theory about whether this vote to confirm this nominee is best rushed before the beginning of the court determined early October or held until after the midterm election cycle. When I first heard it, I was like, has Frank lost his mind? What is he talking about? But explain this, because it got more interesting as I thought about it as the day went on.

Frank Luntz: I think Chuck Schumer is right. I in fact hope that the Republicans follow his advice. Two reasons. First is that we need a conversation about the Constitution, right now in 2018. And the longer we have this conversation, I think the better conservatives are going to do, because in the end when you talk about freedom of speech, the press, religion, when you talk about the Bill of Rights and the 10 Amendments, I think that the longer the conversation goes, the better conservatives do. We want to educate the American people on why that document is so important.

And second, conservatives are much more focused on the Supreme Court then liberals are. Conservatives are more likely to get out and vote. This is the only issue that galvanizes Republicans to participate in this midterm election. So yes, Senator Schumer, I do hope you get that extended period to have this conversation. It will elect at least two more Republican senators. It may even save the Republicans in the House because every conservative will vote to ensure that this man, a strict supporter of the constitution, becomes the next Supreme Court justice. It is that significant in the American political process…

This country, this country needs civics. It’s not taught in high schools. It’s not taught in colleges. We need our next generation to understand the importance of the Constitution and how this government operates. And the longer that we have this discussion, it may not be about politics, but it absolutely is about the next generation, and to understand where they Constitution matters, the Bill of Rights matter, and that we should not be politicizing everything.

These protesters and the extremism that’s being articulated is one of the things that’s driving this country apart. And it’s driving people insane. I love the fact that this president made this very calm, very conscientious choice, that he chose someone who is committed to the constitution. And I think that the longer we have this conversation, the better it’s going to be for America in the long run.

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