Democrats Cry About Impeachment – But No One Else is Mentioning It

Many Conservatives have been wondering why the Democrats seem to be talking so much about impeachment when no Congressional Republicans have been talking about it. We cynical observers may believe it’s just more games being played by the Democrats to distract the electorate from all the horrible things that have happened since the Democrat Party took power… but do we have proof?

The awesome folks over at the National Review have put the proof together for us. They found that while many Democrats are talking about impeachment on the House and Senate floor in Congress… not one single Republican has. NOT ONE.

Here are just a few of the Democrats who have brought up impeachment…

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada

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“Isn’t it good we’re talking about this rather than impeachment of the president, or suing the president?” he said. “We shouldn’t be off on those tracks of impeachment and suing the president.”

Um. Except no Republican has mentioned impeachment in any speech in Congress. Only Democrats, Mr. Reid.


Representative Marcia Fudge of Ohio


The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus derided the “irreverent and irresponsible march towards impeachment of the president of the United States.” Sadly for Ms. Fudge… no such march is taking place. The President has two years left on his term during which he will be a lame-duck; not to mention the Republicans don’t have the numbers necessary to impeach anyway.


Representative Barbara Lee of California


“Stop this politically motivated, extreme and disturbing march toward impeachment – because that’s where this is going, and hopefully the public understands that,” Lee said.

What is with all of the “marching” rhetoric?

No Republicans who are actually elected officials are pushing for this. In fact, various leaders of the different wings of the GOP have come out against it!

Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina


“The ultimate goal of this exercise is to try to discover some peg for which they can hang an impeachment resolution,” Clyburn said. “This wasteful Republican lawsuit is their prelude to impeachment.”

DNC impeachNo, Mr. Clyburn, the lawsuit is not a prelude to anything. It is simply demanding that the President stop flouting national law and start enforcing it instead. The White House has randomly set aside, cancelled or delayed implementing a law that Democrats in Congress unanimously passed! That cannot be legal. It just can’t be.

Not only has the President refused to enforce the law, he fudges the law for his political allies, while excoriating his political enemies for asking for changes to the law.

It’s unconscionable.

And even more… it’s illegal.

There are plenty more of these videos showing how obsessed Democrats are with impeachment. But you won’t find a single one showing a Republican representative calling for impeachment on the floor of the Senate or the House. Not a one.


To see more of the Democrat impeachment speeches, check out the good work the National Review has done compiling their speeches.

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