Democrats Condescend to get the Female Vote

I’ve always been mystified by the subsets of voters who choose to believe the Democrat talking points about Republicans. Some women seem to really buy-in to the war on women meme, some African-Americans seem to truly believe the BS being spilled by Democrats about Republicans and racism, some who are poor seem to truly believe that Republicans like poverty…

Folks, it’s all a scam.

Democrats choose to play politics by using lies, half-truths and personal attacks. Republicans try to debate on the issues… sadly, the Democrats’ way seems more effective in our media driven world.

Case in point – this billboard that just popped up in Athens, Georgia home of the University of Georgia and the state’s beloved Bulldogs.

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Can’t we stop with the simplistic ugly messaging? 45% of American voting women vote Republican… to act as if the small difference between women in the two parties is gargantuan is ridiculous. Sadly, the media and liberals either don’t understand or simply don’t care. We should be debating ideas not making personal attacks.

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