Democrats in Colorado are OKAY with Voter Fraud – if it Favors them…

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are at it again – this time proving that voter fraud is indeed a problem.

Just last week Democrat leader Donna Brazile tweeted this little gem…

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  To which the indomitable James O’Keefe replied…


That made us all take note. When James O’Keefe says that you’re going to regret something… you usually do. Now we know what O’Keefe and his buddies at Project Veritas had planned. O’Keefe spent last week traipsing about Colorado endeavoring to prove that voter fraud was indeed an issue… and guess what? DEMOCRATS KNOW IT IS. In fact, Democrats count on voter fraud to help them win in red and purple districts/states!

Watch as the Project Vertias Crew educates.

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