Democrats Blasted for Shameless Emotional Attempt to Destroy the 2nd Amendment

Ed Krayewski at Reason On to a hammer to House Democrats on Wednesday when he blasted their bankrupt attempts to shame the GOP into agreeing to gun control measures.


Ed Krayewski at Reason Online took a hammer to House Democrats on Wednesday when he blasted their bankrupt attempts to shame the GOP into agreeing to more gun control measures.

House Democrats staged a “sit-in,” much like the ones your parents told you about from back in the 1960’s Vietnam era. A group of liberal legislators literally sat down on the floor of the House in an effort to visibly protest the “inaction” of Congress on gun control. Rep. [score]John Lewis[/score] (D-GA) who led the sit-in is a hero of the Civil Rights movement who has sullied his reputation in the years since by shamelessly attempting to tie every plank in the Democrat agenda to that heady and righteous cause (equality for African-Americans). His latest attempt to tie today’s Democrats with the Civil Rights heritage is the ugliest one yet.

“The time for silence and patience is long gone,” Lewis argued. “The American people are demanding action. Do we have the courage, do we have the raw courage to make at least a down payment on ending gun violence in America?” When asked what piece of legislation the sit-in was meant to drive action on, Lewis said there was no “specific” piece of legislation in mind. In fact, the Senate just voted on four different gun control measures and all four were voted down. Democrats have decried the vote as unjust and anti-Democratic, but in the two years that they controlled both houses of Congress and the White House (2009-2010), they did not pass a single measure expanding gun control either.

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But here is where Krayewski really nails the Democrat hypocrisy and hyperbole:

Democrats’ hobby horse in the gun debate this time around is demanding that people on the terror watch list (which could contain more than a million names) be stripped of their constitutional right to bear arms, a basic violation of due process.

Yet Lewis manages to use the language of “injustice,” tweeting that what were Democrats were doing was “speaking out against injustice.” It’s as good an opportunity to remind Lewis and others who are leveraging their connections to civil rights movements from the 1960s to the present day to push their partisan agenda that gun control has an indisputably racist history. “Crazy negroes” with guns helped defeat Jim Crow laws, while fear of guns in the hands of black people drove gun control laws in the 1960s. Even today, while mass shootings are convenient high-profile events on which to pin a gun control push, gun control advocates often cite inner city violence as a reason to act on gun control. Many cities with significant African-American populations, like Chicago and New York City, have among the strictest gun control laws in the country…

Donald Trump is called a racist for insisting he’s going to build a wall on the border, but given the availability of firearms in the Americas, anything approaching “effective” gun control measures would require something like a huge wall to stem the flow of traffic of weapons that become highly controlled in the U.S.

Similarly, the results anti-gun advocates demand would require a ramping up of enforcement in inner cities, where a disproportionate amount of gun violence occurs, by the very same cops the anti-gun left just a few short months ago insisted it understood were engaged in systemic brutality of marginalized communities. Today John Lewis and his colleagues are sitting in on the House Floor to demand just that, cloaking themselves in emotional fervor and exploiting a culture of fear, not that far from what white supremacists in the 1960s did when they demanded more laws to control African-Americans and deny them their rights.

Krayewski nails it. From every conceivable angle the Democrats are wrong, both about the reasons for the violence, and about the answers to stemming the bloodshed. Moreover, the Democrats aren’t just wrong — they are “shamelessly exploiting emotions without regard to the dangerous consequences” and they need to be stopped.

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