Democrats have become the Anti-Environment Party

The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline and to stop hydraulic fracturing or fracking. The question everyone should be asking himself or herself is WHY?

The argument liberals use to combat both of these money making and energy providing issues is that they are “bad” for the environment. The only problem with that is… it’s not true.

Both fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline would beneficial for our environment – compared to the status quo.

Check out what this recent article from Science 2.0 says about natural gas and in particular – fracking.

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There is nothing inherently superior about natural gas from hydraulic fracturing – fracking – it has the same emissions as regular natural gas. But it is a lot lower than coal and does not have the political baggage of nuclear energy and that is why environmentalists lobbied for it over the last 40 years.

keystone pipelineAnd it has worked. America leads the world in fracking and energy emissions are back at early 1990s levels, just as climate scientists said we needed to be, while coal is back at early 1980s levels. But now environmentalists have tried to claim that natural gas from fracking will somehow be worse. Some of the claims are riddled with errors climate scientists would never make, but that led to publicity claims about methane

The article continues on to explain why fracking and use of the natural gas attained through fracking is actually more environmentally friendly than our other options. It even rates out more positively than Wind and Solar power (which have more environmental drawbacks than the left likes to admit).

In much the same way the Keystone XL Pipeline would be better for the environment (and for our economy) than the alternative.



“The science is very clear,” said Joe Scarborough after pointing out the eleven studies of the Keystone XL Pipeline project have all shown that the pipeline would be safer and more environmentally friendly than the current rail delivery method. “That’s science. I’m confused as to why the President’s not following science.” 

It’s all about Politics, Joe.

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