Democratic Tax Problem Is Hurting Them

The Democratic tax problem is that they loudly opposed cuts that are increasingly popular with voters.

There’s no one to blame for the Democratic tax problem other than the Democrats. They weren’t just skeptical of the tax cuts; they hated them—they mocked them and tried to derail them.

And now they are popular.

So what can the Democrats do? Scream about the budget deficit and growing national debt? The Republicans have failed and are failing on those issues, but the Democrats have no credibility imitating Rand Paul!

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The Washington Examiner reports, “Democrats struggle with rising popularity of GOP tax law.

Democrats are struggling to cope with the rising popularity of the Republican tax law, less than nine months until the midterm elections.

Democrats received a wake-up call of sorts earlier this week when Priorities USA, a top Democratic super PAC, released a memo calling on Democrats to message more consistently against the tax law. The law’s standing has increased in the polls as GOP groups pitch the tax cuts to voters as a solid Republican accomplishment.


According to the memo, Trump’s marks on both the economy and taxes have grown by double-digits over the past few months. Another poll released this week shows Republicans leading in the generic congressional ballot for the first time, largely due to the rise in popularity of the tax bill, forcing Democrats to reexamine their messaging in the coming months.

Republicans continue to see the bill as their saving grace in their push to keep hold of the House and, to a lesser extent the Senate.

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