Democratic Chairman: ‘No Senate Republican Seat is Safe’

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) chairman Chris Van Hollen believes that Republicans will be losing footholds in 2018.
If the GOP doesn’t get their heads out of their rears, we could likely see that come to reality.
He told The Hill, “We have some great challengers, and this is a year when no Republican Senate seat is safe. I think we’re in a very strong position. I’m not going to make any predictions as to the exact outcome.”
Van Hollen, the first senator to run the DSCC during his first two years in office and the only person to run both the House and Senate campaign arms, pointed to election results last year in Virginia and Alabama, states where Democrats won by surprising margins. He said those races would be both harbingers of things to come and guideposts for how to get there.
“Clearly you’ve got a lot of motivation among the grassroots. You’ve got a lot of independents voting for Democrats. And you have a lot of disenchanted Republicans coming over,” Van Hollen continue, “And I think you’re going to increasingly see a lot of the folks who supported Trump looking at his actual actions and deciding that they have been betrayed.”
Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 seat majority in the Senate. But the political map favors the GOP in 2018, when 24 Democratic-held seats will be up for election versus just eight Republican-held seats. Moreover, 10 Democrats represent states that Trump won in 2016, including some — like North Dakota, West Virginia, Indiana and Montana — that he won by wide margins.
Van Hollen claims that Democrats are ready. He said,  “They all have reputations as people who stand up for the interests of the people from their state. These are battle-tested members. They’ve all run before,” he continued, “They’ve put together very strong campaigns. They’re putting together the resources to run strong grassroots field operations as well as strong social media campaigns. So, they’re prepared.”
Here is the podcast interview:

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