Democrat Staffer Resigns After Old Tweets Surface

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s staffer offered her resignation after old inflammatory tweets surface.

Why do Democrats hate America much? In 2020 that hatred should be enshrined in their national platform.

These old tweets are relevant because her boss is an elected official and actively campaigning. Voters have a right to know if his staffers hate America.

Daily Wire:

A staffer for Arizona governor candidate David Garcia, a Democrat, resigned late Thursday after old tweets surfaced disparaging the Grand Canyon State, America, and law enforcement.

Xenia Orona was Garcia’s digital director until PJ Media requested a comment regarding her old tweets.

In a now-deleted tweet from January of this year, Orona discussed her immigrant heritage, noting that she is “from 5 generations of border crossers between this #sh*thole ???? country and la Madre Tierra of Mexico.” In a follow-up to that tweet, also deleted, Orona said: “I will keep working to make the US live up to its false advertising to be the land of opportunity and stop taking advantage of my people.” More

Unlike some countries, there’s no fence or wall that’s preventing Xenia Orona from leaving…

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