Democrat Slams Clinton’s Mistakes in Dealing with Russia!

Democrat candidate for President and former Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, went on the offensive Monday, attacking Hillary Clinton for her role in botching our relations with Russia. Chafee, who launched his campaign last week, has been active in his attacks on Clinton over the last week. Just a few days ago he was railing against the whiff of corruption exuding from the Clinton Family Foundation, and now he’s berating Hillary for her dismal foreign policy record. Chafee has been a breath of fresh air in the Democrat nominating process because he seems to be the only Democrat unafraid and willing to go on the offensive against Hillary Clinton’s political machine.


It is unfortunate what has happened in Ukraine and Crimea, and with Putin. At one time we were really working well together and it has deteriorated. I don’t know about these sanctions, there have got to be better ways of getting a rapprochement with Russia; they are so important in the world. 

And especially to the former Soviet Republics such as Ukraine…

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Stop making mistakes like Sen. Clinton made. That was a mistake, trying to “restart” the relationship with Russia, and Clinton presented the foreign minister with a symbolic gesture and they got the Russian word wrong, and it is those types of mistakes that set back the relationship, symbolic mistakes.


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