Democrat Silicon Valley Alliance Stays Intact, Despite “Better Deal”

Everyone knows that the predominately Democrat Silicon Valley corporations support Leftist politicians.

The fact that the Democrat-Silicon Valley relationship is covered by Bloomberg may hint at a rivalry. Basically, Bloomberg wants us to know that the Democrats’ new populist message is compromised by their lack of criticism of Google, Facebook, or Amazon. I can only wonder if, and to what extent those companies might be competing with Bloomberg or disrupting their business model.

The publication reports, “Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Is Silent on Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Fighting corporate power is a big theme of the Democrats’ new agenda, but three of the world’s most powerful companies aren’t feeling the heat, at least not yet. Google, Facebook, and escaped criticism on July 24, when Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California unveiled what the party is calling its Better Deal agenda.

One problem for Democrats is that “these companies have been seen as friendly, as allies, as contributors to the cause,” says Barry Lynn, who directs the Open Markets program of New America, a think tank whose ideas helped shape the Democrats’ new platform.


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But Lynn says that, as awkward as it may be for the Democrats, a day of reckoning is inevitable. “The window is closing,” he said in an interview on July 24. “It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the power that is controlled by Google, Facebook, and Amazon.”

But the story also reveals that anti-trust laws won’t work easily with Silicon Valley because they lower prices for consumers rather than raising them. The main victims of Silicon Valley have been traditional media companies. I hate the Democrat Silicon Valley alliance, but to the extent that they are hurting other Democrat allies like CNN, they may end up doing more good than harm to our cause.

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