Democrat says President Obama “Refuses to Recognize” Radical Islam

After a week of hearing conservatives complain that the President and his staff are not concentrating on the foe at hand – in fact, they seem steadfast in their refusal to say we are at war with “radical Islam” – the media has finally found some Democrats who agree!

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is not your normal Democrat. She is a veteran of the Iraq War and she is a loud voice in the war against radical Islam. Gabbard is also frustrated and tired of the White House’s continued reticence to call our enemy what they are.


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Rep. Gabbard: And what is so frustrating now as we look at the situation there, our administration refuses to recognize who our enemy is. And unless and until that happens, then it’s impossible to come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy.

We have to recognize that this is about radical Islam. This is as much a military war as it is an ideological war, and we’ve got to understand what that ideology is and challenge it, understand it so that we can defeat it and protect our citizens, protect the American people.

That’s something that has to be done in order for us to look at places like Iraq, places like Syria and places, really, in different parts of the world — North Africa, Nigeria.

This is not just about one group called ISIS or another group called al Qaeda. This is about an overall threat posed by this radical Islamic extremist agenda that exists all around the world as we are seeing, unfortunately, most recently in Paris and in Europe. 

I’m upset that the President and the White House… is not actually saying, ‘This is a war that the Islamic extremists are posing against the United States and against the West and we recognize who our enemy is and come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy.’”


Will the White House and other leading Democrats wake up to the reality that it is radical Islam that threatens us? Or will they continue to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with the problems we face?

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