Democrat Says Campaigning against Nancy Pelosi Is Sexist

They don’t want Republicans campaigning against Nancy Pelosi so they try to shame them.

If Republicans allow Democrats and the media to bully them into not campaigning against Nancy Pelosi they deserve to lose the midterms! Since it has come to everyone’s attention that the Democrat who (barely) won a seat in Congress for Pennsylvania campaigned against Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats want to stop her from being an election issue.

But, as House Minority Leader, Pelosi is the de facto leader of the Democrats. Of course Republicans should campaign against her!

CNS News reports, “Democrat Caucus Chair: ‘Sexist’ to Make Nancy Pelosi a Campaign Issue.

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said it’s “sexist” for Republicans to make House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) an issue in their campaigns.

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“This election was not about Nancy Pelosi,” Crowley told a news conference on Wednesday. He spoke the day after Democrat Conor Lamb won the special congressional race in western Pennsylvania.

“Conor Lamb really localized the issue,” Crowley said. “The attempt here to nationalize it by the Republicans — I think they need to get a new game book. The attempts to use Nancy Pelosi, it’s failing them at this point. And I think, quite frankly, it’s sexist. So they need to move on from that.

‘Conor Lamb effectively localized this election,” Crowley said. “He spoke to the needs and the passions of the people there. He talked about trade, he talked about Social Security, he talked about things that really are meaningful to people’s lives in the district, and that’s why he was successful.”


Lamb, in fact, did bring Nancy Pelosi into his race when he said he would not support her leadership position if he were elected.

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