Democrat Rising Star Won’t Say Hillary Clinton is Qualified to be President

Elizabeth Warren has become something of a cult hero for the legion of liberal Americans who populate our political opposition. She is to the left of even our President, and that is saying quite a bit. Many liberal pundits dream of the day when Warren announces her run for the highest office in the land, and even more, they dream of the day when the average American actually wants the socialist mumbo-jumbo that the Senator from Massachusetts preaches.

Well, here’s just a taste of the most famous Native American (not really) in America. Here is Elizabeth Warren being tossed a softball by some local media and using it to stab her fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton, right in the back.

The truth is that America is not ready to elect Elizabeth Warren as President. (And no, not because she is a woman.)

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The nation might be ready to elect a woman – Hillary Clinton certainly has a shot, as much as it pains me to say – but it would have to be a woman who is viewed by most Americans as moderate. While I may believe that Hillary is a European socialist… many middle America voters don’t see her that way.

Elizabeth Warren is no Hillary Clinton.

But she is right about one thing… I can’t name any of Hillary’s qualifications either!

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