Democrat Politician/Hypocrite: Will Lie for Money!

Michelle Nunn is hoping to be the next Senator from the State of Georgia, but she’s going to have a rough time if she keeps making the mistakes she’s making.

Her latest flub is a big one too.

A campaign memo that her staff had drawn up several months ago was accidentally released to the media and it has some embarrassing details buried within it.

Some interesting nuggets within the memo show Nunn’s hypocrisy on Israel, gun ownership, being a “moderate,” and her connection to Georgia.

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Nunn is sympathetic to Hamas but looking for money from American Jews?

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Nunn is anti-gun but she’s hoping to find some gun-toting supporters to make her look more acceptable to the average Georgia voter.

Nunn is also hoping that these “pro-gun” photo ops (and other “rural” photo ops) will help build her Georgia bonafides because the truth is… she just ain’t from Georgia. She was born and bred on the Beltway, growing up in Maryland because her dad was working in D.C.

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Nunn is a liberal, but she’s counting on the media to “muddy” her record and make her look more “moderate.” Isn’t it sick that part of the Democrat game plan is getting favorable coverage from the media? Shouldn’t that tell us all we need to know about the mainstream media in America today?

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Check out some more of the hypocrisy from the Daily Caller.

Nunn ObamaSpeaking of the Jewish community, the document notes: “There is tremendous financial opportunity.”

“Michelle’s position on Israel will largely determine the level of support here,” the document states, with a goal of raising $250,000.

The campaign document also calls for staffers to produce “pushback documents” on “each identified vulnerability in Michelle’s record, as well as common attacks frequently leveled against Democratic Senate candidates.”

Topics the campaign expects could be used against her: the activities of Points of Light, the non-profit she leads, and the salary she earns; the notion that she is “too liberal,” a “rubber stamp for Democrats,” “Obama’s/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi Best Friend,” “not a ‘real’ Georgian,” and is “a lightweight.”

Problematic issues the campaign should be ready for, the document notes, include Obamacare, gay marriage and guns.

Michelle Nunn is bad for Georgia. Don’t let her in.

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