Democrat Politician Calls Republicans Against Illegal immigration – “Xenophobic”


Ah, the Democrats favorite suffix: Phobic (or any of its derivatives like phobia and phobe). Don’t you just love when Democrats trot these six little letters out in an effort to mock, deride, shame, profane, libel or slander conservatives? My personal favorite time of the day is when I find that another liberal has said another heinous thing about Republicans and another member of the media has chosen to ignore the ugly sentiment and offer simple agreement instead.

Today’s version of this comes to us from Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who was appearing with Jose Diaz-Balart on MSNBC Wednesday morning, when he basically called any Republican opposed to the very criminal act of illegal immigration – “xenophobic.” Did Diaz-Balart correct him or force him to offer proof that MILLIONS of Americans are indeed xenophobic? Of course not, he simply allowed Gutierrez to slander half the country without any request for evidence.


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We’re making progress. I think you’ve probably noted that when there are Republican xenophobic measures to take away the DREAMers, their right to have a work permit, you see a dozen or so Republicans vote with Democrats to stop that. That’s happened on more than one occasion. On several occasions when really mean-spirited attempts to even hurt the immigrant community and their advances, you see that there are Republicans that are joining us. 

The other thing is, look at Jeb Bush right now. One of the reasons I think he’s probably doing best or better in the Republican [primary] because he had a pretty nice press conference out there. Right? It was a diverse press conference. There were Latinos, he spoke English and Spanish and he was unafraid to speak both languages. And although he doesn’t have my position on immigration reform, he says, ‘You know, I don’t like Obama’s executive actions, but guess what, I’m going to eliminate those executive actions with something better.’ I think we’re winning.

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