Democrat on Intelligence Committee Reveals ‘Evidence’ of Russia-Trump Collusion [VIDEO]

Even the CNN hosts were incredulous. What Congressman [score]Eric Swalwell[/score] (D-CA) explained as ‘evidence’ was really nothing more than circumstantial evidence at best. And not only that, but it was nothing new.

He brought up former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn. He went through all the ‘suspicious’ narratives that the media have been concocting for months, and said that it was all too ‘coincidental’ for it not to be evidence of collusion.

But the CNN hosts didn’t see any actual evidence. They of course said that it sounded questionable, maybe even illegal. But none of what he said was evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. From the Daily Caller:

“These all may be questionable activity, some of them may actually be in violation of the law, but what you have said on CNN is you have seen evidence of collusion between Trump campaign associates and the Russians,” said anchor John Berman.

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“That’s an incendiary charge,” he continued, adding that, “if that’s the case, we’re just asking what evidence you have of that.”

“Well, I just gave you two examples, I have a lot more,” a defiant Swalwell replied.

“That’s not evidence of collusion,” Berman interjected. “That’s evidence again, of possible wrongdoing, it’s evidence of sketchy activities, but not, as far as I can tell, that they were actually working together on the campaign.”

“John, I disagree,” Swalwell said before cited a decade-old report about Manafort’s lobbying activities and his work for a Ukrainian politician with links to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

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