The Democrat Nominee for Senator from Montana is Horrible

Hey Eagle Rising family… I’m not sure how many of you are from the great state of Montana, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who are got a chance to get to know your Democrat nominee for Senator.

Meet Representative Amanda Curtis.

Did you enjoy her mocking Christianity? How about making fun of gun rights supporters? Wasn’t it fun when she said that it was “bull” when Republicans say our children would be inheriting all of that debt?

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My favorite part is when she tires to self-identify as an “anarchist”! She obviously has no idea what the word actually means, because anarchists believe in no government, not more government. Curtis never met a government program she didn’t love, and she consistently voted to expand existing programs. That is – literally — the opposite of “anarchism.”

Well Montana? Is Amanda Curtis really the woman you want representing you in the Senate? Is she really a good example of the average Montana citizen? I really, really hope not.

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