Democrat Michelle Nunn’s Most Hypocritical Hits!

A top-10 list of discoveries made after reading Michelle Nunn’s recently released campaign memo.

Michelle Nunn is a carpet-bagger trying to pass herself off as “one of us” with Georgia voters. Her recently leaked campaign memo should go a long way to proving just how insincere she is with Georgia voters. Sadly, some may miss the news of her released memo – so we’ll jump in and do them the favor of talking about it as often as we can.

The intrepid folks over at Politico have outlined 10 of the most important things we’ve learned from her hypocritical memo.

1. “Identification of vulnerabilities”

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The firm NewPartners conducted research on their client to find the most damaging information about her and develop potential lines of pushback. “Within that document, they have pointed out several areas of potential concern in her record,” one memo said, including lobbying and legislative activity of Points of Light, the nonprofit she ran in Atlanta. NewPartners planned to conduct additional research on “corporate ‘whitewashing’” at her foundation, two complaints filed against her group with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and grants made to overseas entities. Another area flagged is “conservation easements,” Nunn claimed.

The firm made a list of pushback documents to prepare. Among them: Points of Light giving “grants to problematic entities” and “service awards to inmates [and] terrorists.”

michelle nunn2. “Prioritize fundraising above all else”

Nunn’s campaign set a goal of raising $18 million to $20 million. “Hitting our targets will require us to prioritize fundraising above all else and to focus the candidate’s time on it with relentless intensity,” says one memo from the senior staff and strategy team.

The memos describe Nunn as “a fundraiser’s dream” because of her “phenomenal” network. “She also has the benefit of being a woman at a time when female senators and candidates are doing extraordinarily well in terms of voter perception and donations,” a memo says.

The goal was for Nunn to spend 80 percent of her time fundraising through the first quarter of this year, 75 percent in the second quarter and 70 percent in the third quarter. Come October, the plan was for her to still spend half her time looking for cash. This is a reflection of how much the job of a candidate is built around buck raking.

Nunn, one of the year’s most impressive fundraisers, has raised $3.5 million in the second quarter alone and had $2.3 million at the start of the month.

3. “Michelle’s position on Israel will largely determine the level of support” she gets from Jewish donors

A fundraising plan outlined a series of “affinity groups” that should be targeted. The projected goal from the “Jewish Community” was $250,000.

“Michelle’s position on Israel will largely determine the level of support here,” the memo said. “There is tremendous financial opportunity, but the level of support will be contingent on her position. This applies not only to PACs, but individual donors as well.”

It goes on: “Message: TBD.”

Nunn Obama4. The campaign set a goal of raising $300,000 from gays:

The campaign identifies an “opportunity” in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community — noting that they have deep pockets. “Michelle’s positions on gay marriage and the [Human Rights Campaign] endorsement provide a huge opportunity for mobilizing this community and their substantial resources,” says the memo on affinity groups.

For context, the finance staff also set a goal of getting $500,000 from “trial lawyers and law firms.”

Read the rest of Politico’s Top 10 list here; they contain some other nuggets we’ve previously discussed.


  • Nunn’s “Rural” strategy – wherein she pretends to understand Georgia.
  • Nunn’s fake “pro-gun” effort – wherein she pretends to be a “moderate” on gun issues when the truth is she’s as liberal as they come.
  • Nunn’s hope that the media will work with her to “muddy” her record so that Georgia voters don’t understand just how liberal she’s really been.
  • Nunn doesn’t care who gives her money, as long as she’s getting it.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Michelle Nunn is BAD for Georgia.

Make Sure to Read the Whole Politico article about Nunn’s effort to pull the wool over the eyes of Georgia Voters.

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