Democrat Mary Landrieu In DEEP Trouble

Democrat Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is all but finished in her run for reelection as Senator from the Bayou State of Louisiana. Landrieu is the LAST Democrat Senator from a Deep South state, and each passing day makes it more likely that she won’t be representing Louisiana much longer.



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A recent poll conducted by WPA Opinion Research found Cassidy leading by more than 20 points and it seems that Landrieu’s support is collapsing across all fronts!

In a memo from WPA Opinion Research the group said, “Cassidy has the lead among all gender age groups and enjoys a [sizable] lead among independent voters. Moreover, based on current projections, even if African-Americans support Landrieu at 95% and turnout in record numbers, she will still lose on Election Day.”

Their findings paint an even bleaker picture for Landrieu and the Democrats.

Landrieu’s failure to connect with Louisiana voters of all demographic stripes tells the tale:

  • Among men ages 18-54, Cassidy led Landrieu 56 percent to 31 percent.
  • Among men ages 55 and up, Cassidy led Landrieu 61 percent to 28 percent.
  • Among women ages 18-54, Cassidy led Landrieu 61 percent to 32 percent.
  • Among women ages 55 and up, Cassidy led Landrieu 50 percent to 40 percent.
  • Among independent voters, Cassidy led Landrieu 67 percent to 23 percent.


mary-landrieu hahaEven worse, according to the early voting information out of Louisiana, voting among Landrieu’s key constituencies is way down.

It’s not just voters who have given up on Landrieu either. The Democrat political machine has abandoned her as well.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee canceled its plans to buy ads and is not lifting a finger — or writing a check — to save her. Nor are any of the heavy-hitting Democratic outside groups.

But national Democrats speak — not for attribution, of course— as though they have already left the field and headed for the locker room. Their dispirited donors, they say, are tapped out and unwilling to open their wallets for a lost cause.

The DSCC canceled its reservations for ad time in Louisiana shortly after the Nov. 4 sweep. Senate Majority PAC, which spent millions trying to save Democrats, has not run a single spot in the runoff.

An analysis of data by Kantar Media/CMAG for the Center for Public Integrity found that outside groups allied with Cassidy have put up about 6,000 ads during the runoff period. That compares with fewer than 100 by those supporting Landrieu, whose most active supporter has been the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

“When we heard that the national Democratic Party pulled out, it really kind of stunned us,” said Harriet Jones of Baton Rouge, who backs Landrieu. “When we thought about it, we thought, you know, they’ve just given up on us. It’s disappointing.”

Today is the day folks. Today, we will finally get to bid farewell to Senator Landrieu and welcome in the biggest Republican majorities in Congress since just after WWI.

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