Democrat Leader says they’re Happy to Run on Foreign Policy!

President Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster, not only for the United States but also for the hopes of those who desire a more free and prosperous world. Only an approach such as prudent American realism can stanch the loss of American power, influence, and credibility. As the passage from Huntington makes clear, it matters who the hegemonic power is. For those who desire freedom and prosperity, there is no alternative to the United States.

— Mackubin Thomas Owens in his article Obama’s Many Foreign Policy Failures


Howard Dean is a one very funny little dude. He was on MSNBC this weekend with Steve Kornacki when he said one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time –

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I hope it does become a foreign policy election… if the Republicans want to make this about foreign policy, bring it on.

Granted, Dean isn’t saying that Democrats will be happy to run on Obama’s foreign policy, he’s saying that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy chops are good enough to beat the GOP. What Dean forgets is that Hillary Clinton is part and parcel of the Obama administration’s foreign policy mishaps. Hillary even helmed the biggest disaster of the Obama era – the Benghazi debacle.

Whether or not Howard Dean and other Democrats want to admit it, Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy IS Barack Obama’s foreign policy.



I hope it does become a foreign policy election. There’s nobody more capable in this country than Hillary Clinton in terms of foreign policy. So if it’s a foreign policy election, we win. Now, it’s not going to be a foreign policy election. The truth is elections are almost never foreign policies. The Iraq War did have a big effect on George W. Bush’s presidency. Vietnam obviously had an enormous effect both on Nixon and Johnson. 

But generally speaking, wars and foreign policy do not play very significant role in American elections at all. And, you know, if the Republicans want to make this about foreign policy, bring it on. Because they don’t have a single candidate that knows very much about foreign policy and we have the person who probably knows more about foreign policy than anybody else in America who is qualified to run for president.

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