Democrat Leader says Obama Administration is “Completely Missing the Point of Radical Islamic Ideology”

Boy, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is probably not winning friends in the Obama administration with the way she has been doggedly attacking them over the last few weeks on their reticence to call the war on terror what it is… A War on Radical Islam.

This past Friday she was back on the Situaiton Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN to continue pressing her point that the administration is completely missing the boat when it comes to the war on terror. Not only does she make her point – she also makes me wonder — why isn’t she the Secretary of State instead of John Kerry? She lays out a perfectly reasonable (and logical) argument for why the Obama administration’s approach to Islamic terrorism will never work, yet it seems that no one at the State Department (or in the White House for that matter) are listening…


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Rep. Gabbard: We have to identify exactly who they are. Something happened today where Secretary Kerry made a statement which I think was very evident of the problem we’re seeing. In a speech he talked about how these Islamic extremists, they’re engaged in “criminal conduct rooted in alienation, poverty, thrill-seeking and other factors.” And he went on to say, “ultimately this fight will be determined by our success in creating prosperity that’s widely shared.”

This is completely missing the point of this radical Islamic ideology that’s fueling these people and mistakenly, a huge mistake, thinking that somehow, ‘Okay, well look, if we give them $10,000 and give them a nice place to live that somehow they’re not going to be engaged in this fighting.’ Osama bin Laden is a perfect example, a millionaire who left and went and lived in the desert because of this radical ideology that was fueling his actions, his attack on the United States and these attacks we’re seeing further now.

muslim beheadingWolf Blitzer: When you were with me here in The Situation Room with me last week you said you wanted the president of the United States to directly address this issue, I think, in your words, “Islamic terrorism.” You wanted him to use those words which he’s been reluctant to do. Have you heard from the White House since those comments, they caused quite a little stir.

Rep. Gabbard: I haven’t. It’s really unfortunate and disturbing to me to see Secretary John Kerry doubling down on that refusal to use those words. And the words matter, it’s not just empty words. Words matter because words are expression of understanding and feeling and intention. And if you refuse to understand this simple concept of who exactly is our enemy, who is posing a threat to the American people and why then we can’t even begin to talk about how do you defeat them. That’s a whole separate conversation that can only happen once that identification takes place.

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