Democrat Lawmaker Busted Red Handed On Video Stealing This…

Just one day before the primary election, a viral video is making its round online that shows state Democrat Rep. Matt LoPresti stealing his opponent’s campaign handout off of a resident’s door. The video was captured by a video doorbell.

There was a time when honor and integrity was valued by the majority of American’s and something like this would be found to be revolting, but that’s no longer the case. The left embraces immorality and their complete and utter lack of integrity is on display for all to see.


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In a statement, LoPresti acknowledged he stole the flyer and others, and then went back to return some and apologize to residents.

“Political campaigns can be intense and emotions can cloud otherwise good judgment of even the best people,” LoPresti said, in the statement. “I sincerely apologize and have deep regret over my having taken some of those flyers.”

“What this video does not show, however, is that very same day I returned flyers that were taken.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to come clean and admit my own failures and promise to my family, my friends, my opponent and my community to keep on the high road in the future no matter how negative a campaign gets or how clouded my emotions become.”

LoPresti is running for the seat vacated by Will Espero, who’s running for lieutenant governor.

In the doorbell video, he can be seen taking a campaign handout for opponent Alicia Maluafiti off a door and putting it under other papers on his clipboard. A resident at the door then answers and LoPresti introduces himself and explains which seat he’s running for. More

Stealing, lying, and cheating… Well, that’s just another day in the life of a Democrat. Right? My dad always says if you don’t have integrity in the little things you won’t have integrity in the big things either.

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