Democrat Gets Jeered and Booed at Debate – this Time for Mentioning the Koch Brothers

Jeanne Shaheen is in the fight of her life trying to get reelected as Senator from New Hampshire.

In her last debate with her opponent, Republican Scott Brown, she slipped up trying to score an easy zinger.

The mistake came near the very end of the debate, when Shaheen interrupted Scott Brown to attack the infamous Koch brothers.

The problem is that Shaheen wasn’t interrupting a simple question and answer response – she cut off Brown’s closing remarks to attack two men who were not in attendance at the debate.

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The crowd did not appreciate the lack of decorum and the rude way she cut off Brown’s closing remarks… and they let her know it

After Brown asserted that he was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Shaheen butted in to call the Chamber a “Koch-funded organization.”

Members in the crowd yelled “rude” at her. Brown received a round of applause moments later for criticizing Shaheen’s lack of decorum.



Wow. That is super embarrassing.

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