Democrat Engagement Surging After Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Conservative Pages Ahead of Election

A week after eted the pages of hundreds of conservatives, there has been a huge surge in engagement for Democrats. What a surprise, huh?

Last week Facebook summarily deleted hundreds of accounts owned by a large number of conservatives that had millions of Facebook friends, visitors, and readers. Now, a week later, there has been a huge surge in engagement for Democrats. What a surprise, huh?

The interactions for Democrat candidates has exploded, and not by just a little, but by millions, after Facebook banned hundreds of Republican and conservative users only three weeks before the 2018 elections.

Per Breitbart Tech:

The analysis shows a 7.8 million advantage in Facebook interactions for Democrat Senate candidates vs. Republican Senate candidates in a 30-day period ending October 15, and a 2 million advantage in interactions for Democrats fighting House races over the same period.

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Only in gubernatorial races do Republicans hold a slight advantage in Facebook interactions — of just 100,000.

Democrats also hold a significant advantage on Instagram, with Democratic candidates seeing 5.4 million interactions on their Instagram pages over the thirty-day period, compared to just 213,000 for Republicans.

Breitbart notes that Facebook launched its big purge of conservatives only weeks before the election and this purge is likely the big reason that Republican candidates have lost the Facebook race.

That includes Facebook’s dramatic change to its newsfeed rankings earlier this year, which determine what content appears at the top of users’ feeds. The change resulted in a 45 percent drop in engagement on President Trump’s Facebook posts, with no comparative decline for top Democratic politicians.

Shortly before the conclusion of the New York Times’ 30-day analysis period, Facebook purged over 800 accounts and pages for spreading “misinformation,” many of which were right-wing, anti-establishment, libertarian and anti-war. As part of the purge, Facebook banned multiple pages belonging to Brian Kolfage, an Air Force veteran and triple amputee who had invested $300,000 in ads for his pages that Facebook itself suggested, and who relied on the site for income.

It seems pretty clear that Facebook has pitched in with the Democrat Party and is now officially using its powerful website to hurt Republicans and push Democrats. It really is just that simple.

Despite Facebook’s claim that it is trying to get rid of “fake news,” its real goal — as these numbers plainly show — is to materially hurt anyone who does not agree with a hard left-wing ideology.

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