How Democrat Corruption Could Tip a Presidential Election

“In Chicago, the Precinct Captain sometimes goes into the polling booth to make sure the ghost voter votes correctly.”  —Malcolm X


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a dangerous plan, called the National Popular Vote Plan: States will make the Electoral College irrelevant by agreeing to award their electoral votes to whooever wins the popular vote in a presidential election.  States agreeing to the plan do not, necessarily, award their votes according to the wishes of their state’s voters!

California’s lack of a voter-ID law—which encourages illegal aliens to vote and also allows dishonest citizens to vote more than once—means that illegal votes in California would be added to the national popular vote total, thus triggering an electoral landslide based upon a corrupt national popular vote.  The Electoral College, which originally could be depended on to act as a check against such corruption, loses its relevance.

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The Consideration

The Electoral College in the Constitution was a compromise made with consideration to small states.  The number of electors is determined by adding the number of Representatives to the number of Senators for a given state.  Thus, Rhode Island receives three electoral votes, rather than only one; 1/435 is what would be the ratio of representation if a direct-proportion model of representation were used; but Rhode Island is represented within the Electoral College at a ratio of 3/535—which is significantly better, giving such a small state more power to tip the scales in a close election.  The impact of this arrangement on large states is one of diminishing their power relative to the small states, giving California, for example, a 56/535 ratio instead of 54/435.

President John Kennedy once said, “Direct election would break down the federal system under which states entered the union, which provides a system of checks and balances to ensure that no area or group shall obtain too much power.”  This is a statement in support of the Electoral College.  But what Kennedy does not explain, because he never needed to, is why the new by-pass plan is dangerous.  Such a plan was unthinkable in Kennedy’s day.


corruptionSo, why do Democrats want this?  Well, it is good politics for the Democrats—or so they believe—because Democrat states do not have voter-ID laws at this time.  This means that Democrats could allow stuffing of the ballot boxes in their liberal states simply by not controlling for identity theft at the ballot box.  In this way, illegal voting in the electoral process will have the effect of helping Democrats in a way that will do more than help them statewide.  Illegal balloting will end up having nationwide ramifications.

If enough illegal votes, from enough states increase the national popular vote count by enough Democrat votes, the vote tally could tip in favor of the Democrat candidate.  States with voter-ID laws, who protect the integrity of the process, would be at a disadvantage, “victims” of their own integrity.

Dishonesty Wins!

The more corrupt a state is with regard to controlling illegal voters, the more it will help the party favored most by those voters.  In other words, Democrats can win big by encouraging dishonesty, while Republicans lose big by encouraging integrity in the electoral process.  Dishonesty will win out over honesty every time, in such an environment.

In 2012, California had 49,000 known fraudulent votes cast.  But the true number of fraudulent votes is likely much higher.  Yet, the voter fraud only affected the state of California itself.  Not the nation at large.

But, in 2016, under the new Democrat scheme to pervert the Electoral College system, fraudulent votes from non-voter-ID states—once added to the national total—would trigger other non-ID states to award all their electors to the winner of the now-fraudulent vote total!

Imagine a race where the Democrat presidential candidate wins the popular vote by 40,000 votes, so the entire slate of Democrat states is now triggered to award all electoral votes to the Democrat.  But also imagine that California’s contribution, alone, to the national total was 49,000 fraudulent votes for the Democrat!  Removing just the fraudulent California votes would mean that the Republican candidate, in reality, should win, nationally, by 9,000 votes.  Before the National Popular Vote Plan, the California corruption would only have affected who received California’s electoral votes, not those of other states, as well!

Chicago-Style Machines

chicago styleBefore the current plan was formulated, the Electoral College acted as a safeguard against corruption.  Now, Democrats will have significant incentives to stuff ballot boxes and allow illegal voting that, before the new plan, would not have been worth the risks.

All the potential dishonesty that could be unleashed would mean that, regardless of how well a candidate campaigned, it would not matter on election day.  The only thing that would matter, in the end, would be how well the political machines of each state operated to skew the vote counts in favor of illegally pre-chosen candidates.  If the candidates knew that the people would not have the power to choose the winner, would they not become more preoccupied with behind-the-scenes, Chicago-style machinations than with making open promises to the people?

The Loss of Representative Government

And what if Republicans wanted to level the playing field in a different way, perhaps by passing laws in Republican states that dictate that electors must vote for whosoever wins the presidential vote in the state of Texas?  This whole thing could eventually grow quite complex and increasingly corrupt.

This could be the death knell to the integrity of the entire American electoral system.  Only the best cheaters would prevail, in any given election.  The valid choice elected by the sovereign states may never be known for sure, ever again.  And the people would not get the president they deserve, according to the rule of law, as established by America’s founders.  The loss of our democratic republic would be a fait-accompli.

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