Democrat Constituents Get Restless in Hyde Park, Chicago

The problem with Democrat constituents is that Democrat politicians assume they will be able to control them.

Some Democrat constituents in Chicago got to see their Democrat mayor and the motorcade of their former president. I can only wonder what Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama thought when they saw them.

Apparently, young residents of unsafe neighborhoods have developed a new Chicago tradition of flooding into the well-to-do Highland Park on Halloween night.

Sam Cholke writes at DNA Info, “400 Teens Rage In Hyde Park As Mayor Emanuel Watches From Restaurant.

Nearly 400 teens came out Tuesday night in a much toned-down repeat of last year’s “Halloween Purge,” where more than 1,000 kids from across the city came to hang out, some of whom got into fights and tore up parts of the neighborhood.


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At least three boys were arrested, and King-Smith said they will likely face aggravated battery charges after several teens were shot with BBs, including a 13-year-old boy who was shot in his face.

Two more boys likely face more serious charges after a University of Chicago police officer was punched in his face while trying to break up a fight at 9:40 p.m. Tuesday night at 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue.

Emanuel took in some of the mayhem when he unexpectedly showed up around 7 p.m. to eat dinner at A10, 1462 E. 53rd St.

The crowd spotted him and had fun viewing him through the widow. He left about 7:45. Then the Obama motorcade passed through on his way to his diversity “brain storming session.”

His appearance added energy to the restless crowd, which set a fire in a dumpster behind the BP gas station at 5130 S. Lake Park Ave.

Police deserve special praise for keeping their cool because the BB guns looked like real guns and the “kids” were openly shooting each other in the streets.

But what happens when more Democrat constituents show up and aren’t in the mood to be controlled?

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