Democrat Candidate for Senate in Maryland Blames Republican Governor for Baltimore’s Education Problems

I guess the fact that Democrat politicians can still surprise me should be a good thing. It means that I’m not completely cynical in my old age. However, it does seem to take a breathtaking amount of incoherence and stupidity to surprise me these days. The focus of my disgust today is liberal Democrat Donna Edwards. Edwards is a Representative from Maryland who happens to be running for the soon to be open Senate seat of Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). Rep. Edwards was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to talk about the recent unrest in Baltimore when she took the opportunity to blame Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD).

A man who has been on the job in Maryland for the last four months. Four months. The Democrats have ruled Baltimore politics for over 50 years, and the guy who’s been heading the state government (a government dominated by Democrats, by the way) is at fault for all the problems in Baltimore. That makes no sense.


Watch for yourself.

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For Democrats, the blame is never their own. The heart of the problem always lies at the feet of intransigent Republicans, whether or not there are actually any Republicans around to blame. (Don’t believe me – look at Detroit, Philadelphia, Trenton, California… and anywhere else that has been destroyed by Democrat policies.)

The problems in Baltimore are wholly Baltimore’s.

In this interview Edwards blames lack of funding for failing schools as the root problem in the community, but when Wallace refutes her argument with the simple truth that Baltimore city public schools are some of the best-funded in the nation – she says the money isn’t evenly distributed. That makes no sense.

If the money is unevenly distributed, then the community wouldn’t have been rioting about Freddie Gray, they would have been rioting about their schools. Moreover, the Democrats control the funding of Baltimore city schools, which means that if they are distributing funs in an uneven manner, then there is even more reason for Baltimore residents to dump the Democrats than we thought.

The fact is that liberalism has failed Baltimore, just like it is failing everywhere else that liberals predominate.

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