Democrat Candidate for Congress Attacks female Republican candidate for Never having “Worked Manually”

In New York’s 21st District, Democrat Aaron Woolf and his campaign have made some odd choices in recent days while campaigning to be the next Representative from that district.

First, one of their supporters proved that they had worked together in an attempt to force the media to find out who his opponents “private relationships” were with and now by attacking her work history!

His opponent, businesswoman Elise Stefanik, is single and female which both seem to be problems for Woolf – hence the attacks on her relationships and work history.

Here is what Woolf said in a recent debate.

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“I don’t know if you have ever worked manually for a living like I have and I’m certain that [Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello] probably has-I don’t know if you can say something to a 49-year-old who’s working with their body-with their hands-it’s very different thing than sitting behind a desk and operating a computer.”

I personally have no idea what he is getting at. Is he saying that because she is a woman she hasn’t lifted heavy things and therefore cannot understand men who work in manual labor positions? That would seemingly disqualify many candidates… but should it even matter?

Also, I think Aaron Woolf has forgotten that his occupation is… (wait for it)… a FILMAKER. Meanwhile, Elise Stefanik runs a small business. If we are voting base on work history, SHE WINS.

Anyway, watch as the pundits on Fox News make fun of Woolf and his gaffes.

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