Democrat Candidate BUSTED Taking Opponent’s Mailer

“This was a lapse of judgment.” This kind of activity is just another part of the Democrat’s playbook to disrupt the opponent’s campaign effort. For more ‘lapses in judgment’ go ahead and vote for her. This sounds more like a case of I’m sorry that I got caught.

If this was the other way around this Democrat would be hollering about racism. And the MSM would be feeding it.

Vote straight Republican in the midterms.


A state House candidate caught on camera taking an opponent’s mailer has apologized.

Monique Johns, the Democratic nominee for the 9th Representative District seat, was filmed by a security camera at a Middletown home lifting a handbill left at the door of the house by her opponent on Sunday.

“Today, I ask for the forgiveness of the residents of the 9th Representative District. I made a mistake,” Ms. Johns said in a statement Monday. “I removed the literature of my opponent’s campaign from the door of a voter. It was wrong and I should never have done it.

“This was a lapse of judgment that I humbly regret. Please forgive me. I won’t make any excuses for this action. I have apologized to my opponent, my supporters, and now I apologize to the voters of the 9th Representative District.

“I work hard to live up to the standards I set for myself and I am disappointed that I fell short in this instance. But I intend to move forward in running a positive campaign that’s focused on talking to voters about the real issues facing MOT and Delaware.”  More

A thieving Democrat on someone’s doorstep and stole something. She’s a thief and her bogus apology just doesn’t cut it. It’s not a mistake. That would be accidental. This was malicious disgusting behavior, but that’s how the left does it. She’s only sorry because she got busted on video.

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