Democrat Calls Republican Anger at VA Scandal “Grandstanding”

In what may be the worst ever case of the pot calling the kettle black, Representative Corrine Brown (D-FL) is once again calling out others for their “political grandstanding.” Last time it was Republicans in general, this time it’s Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL).

Most of Rep. Brown’s career has been couched in political grandstanding and vicious hyperbole — she’s allowed to do this because she’s a Democrat — but she will feign righteous indignation at “grandstanding” whenever it suits her purposes.

In fact, her anger at Republican grandstanding… sure seems a lot like… grandstanding. Go figure.

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I am going to put in the record a letter that I’m sending to the governor of the State of Florida. He is grandstanding, indicating that he is suing the VA, for the fact that he is sending people to the various VA facilities around the State of Florida and he wants to take a look at the records.

In fact, we’ve got over 4 million people that need medical expansion of health care that we are sending back, that’s going to die because they’re not getting the quality health care that they need.

Rep. Brown’s little clown show is getting a bit tired.

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