Democrat Blames Obama for ISIS on MSNBC!

While President Obama was trying to lay the blame for the rise of ISIS at the feet of the intelligence community, former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) was on MSNBC setting the record straight. Sestak said what everyone who has been paying any attention already knew… the rise of ISIS is OBAMA’S FAULT, not the intelligence community. The Secretary of Defense and other homeland defense leaders had been warning anyone who would listen about ISIS for well over a year.

In fact, at about the same time that the intelligence community was telling us that ISIS was ready to make big gains, President Obama was busy making fun of them on TV. So – who underestimated ISIS? Not the intelligence Community but Obama.

(The most relevant piece comes around 4:45 into the video…)

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My favorite part is when Diaz-Balart’s eyebrows shoot up when former Rep. Sestak basically says that President Obama was wrong, not the intelligence community.

Jose Diaz-Balart: “How did the U.S. intelligence community get it so wrong on ISIS?”

Rep. Joe Sestak: “I don’t think they did. If you remember back in January and February, the head — the general, the Defense Intelligence Agency, actually testified before the House and Senate that in 2014, ISIS would take over large swaths of territory. In fact, at the time he testified, they had already seized Ramadi and Fallujah — 35 miles from Baghdad… I think it was slow on the part of the entire administration to assess that they — what they had to do in order address the threat.”

I think any honest observer would come to the same conclusion as Mr. Sestak. This wasn’t an intelligence failure – this was a failure of the Obama administration to understand the intelligence information and act accordingly. Instead of responding to threat that ISIS was becoming, the President chose to go on TV and belittle them. That accomplished nothing other than giving Americans a false sense of security about ISIS… now we know better, and the President is just trying to find a place (anyplace) to cast the blame.

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