Democrat Admits They Might Lose the Midterms

When a Democrat admits Donald Trump is winning, it’s great to have the confirmation even if you don’t think he makes much sense.

While insisting they can win by attacking Trump more, the Democrat admits that the blue wave isn’t happening.

When a Democrat admits Donald Trump is winning, it’s great to have the confirmation even if you don’t think he makes much sense. David Faris is an associate professor of political science at Roosevelt University. The title of his book will give you an idea of how Democrats can defeat Republicans: Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics. While I think his proposed path to victory will only help conservatives, his admission is still valuable.

Faris writes in The Week, “Democrats are totally blowing it.

Things are looking up for President Trump and his Republican Party.

While both Trump and his congressional allies remain staggeringly unpopular, recent polling indicates that they might skate by with a narrow House majority in the fall and even pick up a seat or two in the Senate. Analysts now think the Democrats’ chances of retaking the House are no better than a coin flip.

This in itself is stunning. Democrats should clean up in the midterms. Instead, they’re barely muddling through. And if they fail to take control of one or both chambers of Congress, that future-altering catastrophe can be traced back to the moment in January when they decided to cave on the fight over the DREAMers and started disastrously cooperating with the president and his allies.

At the beginning of 2018, Democrats held an enormous advantage on the generic congressional ballot — almost 13 points. Democratic partisans were downright giddy about the possibility of a truly enormous blue tsunami wiping Republicans out of both the House and Senate.

He lists some Democrat victories to show how well the Democrats were doing (other than losing a major Presidential election). Then, as far as I can tell, he essentially argues that Democrats stopped trying hard enough and stopped being anti-Trump enough.

Thus, we’ve reached the present crisis for Democrats:

As long as the economy keeps humming, many voters might be content to give these Republicans another two years even if they sense that something is amiss inside the Swamp.

This is why it is so critically important that Democrats in Congress recapture their gung-ho crisis attitude from 2017.


Remind your partisans that we are in the midst of a potentially democracy-ending crisis. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be on TV every day warning voters about the president’s corruption and abuse of power. Come up with an actual immigration policy that’s bigger than the DREAMers. Pick someone to counter the president’s daily barrage of paranoid propaganda on Twitter.

More Jeff Merkley highlighting America’s horrific treatment of immigrants. Less Joe Manchin talking embarrassingly about his “man-bumps” with our nightmare troll of a president.

Democrats, you had this. If you blow it with an inability to sustain a brawl for more than six months, rest assured: You will be replaced with other lawmakers who can.

I think Faris is dreaming. But it is good to see him worried about what’s going to happen in the mid-terms.

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