Dem Senator: If Gorsuch is Confirmed, Every 5-4 Decision Will be Illegitimate, Because Gorsuch is Illegitimate [VIDEO]

Remember when the media pretended to be outraged over the possibility that Trump may not concede the results of the election? And then after Hillary lost, what was the very first thing they and the Democrats did? They contested the results of the election. They did the very thing they pretended to be outraged over Trump doing, except they went way beyond anything he ever said.

Fast forward to when Trump issued the first immigration executive order, and U.S. District judge James Robart blocked it. Trump referred to Robart as a ‘so-called judge.’ That outraged the media and the Democrats. They hyperventilated about how unconscionable it is for our own president to undermine the judicial branch as he has.

But then we come to Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick to fill the vacancy left by the late Antonin Scalia. Democrats have vowed to block his confirmation by filibuster, because they view Gorsuch as ‘illegitimate.’ After all, Trump and the Republicans ‘stole’ the seat from Merrick Garland.

It doesn’t stop there. One Senator said that if Republicans change the rules (the way the Dems did in 2013, mind you) to stop a filibuster, that would “destroy the integrity of the senate” and “highly politicize the Court.”

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He went further, even saying that if Gorsuch is confirmed, then that would mean that every 5-4 decision thereafter would not be ‘legitimate.’

“If this process goes through, every 5-4 decision will be one we will look at and say that it is not really legitimate, because that Supreme Court Justice wasn’t really legitimate,” Senator [score]Jeff Merkley[/score] (D-OR) said.

“If we change it to a simple majority, that means the next president will have an easier time approving appointments, and might decide to go further to the left or right outside of the mainstream. Obama went right down the middle, and unfortunately, President Trump has not.”

What’s that Senator Merkley? Are you saying that Gorsuch would be a ‘so-called judge’ if he’s confirmed? Are you saying that people should seek to ‘undermine the judiciary’ every time there’s a 5-4 decision?

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