Dem Rep: Trump ‘Wrapping his Arms Around Putin,’ Who’s Advancing Into Korea…We Think She Meant ‘Crimea’ [VIDEO]

On Friday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said that her greatest desire was to lead Donald Trump into impeachment. On Monday, she clarified, saying that she hasn’t called for his impeachment yet. “He’s doing it himself,” she said.

“Let me just say the statement I made was a statement in response to questions and pleas that I am getting from many citizens across this country,” the California Democrat explained. “What are we going to do?”

She continued:

“How can a president, who is acting in the manner that he’s acting, whether he’s talking about the travel ban, the way that he’s talking to Muslims, or whether he’s talking about his relationship to Putin, and the Kremlin — and knowing that they have hacked our D-triple-C  — DNC, and knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in, um – in, um– yeah, in Aleppo.

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“And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea — I think that he is leading himself into that kind of position where folks will begin to ask, what are we going to do? And the answer is going to be, eventually, we’ve got to do something about him. We cannot continue to have a president who’s acting in this manner.  It’s dangerous to the United States of America.”

CNS News contributor Susan Jones suggested that Waters likely didn’t mean to say Aleppo, but rather Yemen, since the atrocities of Aleppo happened on Obama’s watch.

But we can be pretty sure that she didn’t mean to say Korea, because Russia is certainly not ‘continuing to advance’ there.

Obviously, Waters’ desire to impeach Trump has little to nothing to do with what he’s done or said. It’s just the fact again that Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

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