Dem Rep on Trump: ‘I Don’t Honor Him, I Don’t Respect Him, and I Don’t Want to be Involved With Him’ [VIDEO]

I despise politics so much. And I suspect most Americans do too. Those involved treat it like a sports game and treat the voters like spectators and fans.

Republicans and Democrats are the two main teams, and Americans are expected to root for one of them. “True” team players are going to trash the other side to embolden their fan base.

Both sides are nasty to each other, and they both justify it and deny it at the same time. When they show themselves to be hypocrites, they always explain that it’s “different” this time, compared to when the other side did it to them.

Many Republicans voiced disapproval of Barack Obama during his eight years in office, and particularly at the beginning of his terms. There were many who said he wasn’t legitimate. And how did Democrats respond? That any criticism of him is actually evidence of our own “racial bigotry.” In other words, we didn’t think he was “legitimate,” because he was black. He didn’t “look like us.” Further, they told us that we had to get over it, and that Obama’s our president now.

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Now that everything’s turned around, they’re the ones saying that Trump isn’t legitimate and that he’s “not their president.” And of course, they’re not being nasty. According to them, what they’re doing now is completely different from what Republicans did during Obama’s terms in office. That was racial bigotry. When Democrats do it, it’s “righteous indignation.”

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) was open about her disgust with the President-elect. She’s one of dozens of representatives who will not be attending his inauguration. She said very matter of factly: “I don’t honor him; I don’t respect him; and I don’t want to be involved with him.”

Now, we could very well claim – as Democrats did to Republicans – that this is clear evidence of racial bigotry against Trump; that people like John Lewis and Maxine Waters – who both happen to be black – are criticizing Trump, simply because he’s white; because he doesn’t “look like them.”

Sure, they’ll respond that it has nothing to do with his being white and privileged, and that it has everything to do with…Russia interfering. (Uh-huh.) But we all know that it’s their deep-seated racism that’s driving them to say that he’s “not their president” and that he’s not “legitimate.” That’s what the Democrat team did to the Republican team, so we’ve got to do the same play at them to keep the game going.

Democrats claimed Republicans were speaking in racist “code” language. Maybe that’s what all these Democrats are doing.

Oh, that’s right. It’s “different” this time.

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