Dem Rep. on SOTU Address: ‘Reasonable…but Wait Until His Adderall Wears Off’

President Trump’s State of the Union address was worthy of an encore. If you couldn’t tell by listening to it, then you can most certainly tell by the reaction of Democrats.

They were so salty about Trump being president, and doing amazing at it, that they refused to even clap during his address.

Republican Rep. Ted Poe said, “The Democrats, they showed their hatred for the president by everything he said, they would not agree with,” he added, “I don’t even know why they were even there.”

Now veteran Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio is offering a backhanded compliment. He said that Trump’s first SOTU address “seems on its surface reasonable” but then he adds that we should just wait until “his Adderall wears off.”

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“It didn’t deliver on substance. It wasn’t inflammatory, for the most part. But we’ll see what he tweets at 5 o’clock in the morning when his Adderall wears off,” DeFazio told The Hill.

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan piped up to also criticize Trump as “low-energy” and “uninspiring.” Sounds to me like someone is butthurt that Americans love the president.

Freshman GOP Rep. Scott Taylor (Va.) chuckled when asked what to expect from the president on Twitter Wednesday morning. “He surprises people sometimes,” Taylor said. “But I think tonight was a good night for him and for the country.”

“For Republicans, he hit it out of the park,” Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) said in an interview with The Hill — a sentiment echoed by several of his colleagues.

Other Republicans showed no love for stone-faced Democratic lawmakers who attended the Tuesday night speech.

DeFazio also called out Trump for using “20 props,” referring to the president’s guests sitting in the visitors’ gallery, whose stories were featured in the nearly 90-minute address.

“It offends me that you call an American soldier who risked his life to save another one a ‘prop,’ ” Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) fired back in an interview with The Hill.

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