Dem Rep Confident That ‘Some People Will End up in Jail’ After Trump/Russia Investigation [VIDEO]

He was talking specifically about members of Donald Trump’s campaign and/or transition team. [score]Joaquin Castro[/score] (D-TX) made his comments during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Rep. Castro is on the House Intelligence Committee, which is currently investigating whether there was collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign. He’s confident based on what’s he’s seen and heard that some associates of Trump ‘will end up in jail.’

Mind you, he doesn’t have access to any more materials than Chairman Devin Nunes or the ranking Democrat Adam Schiff. And even Schiff had noted that there was nothing ‘definitive’ as to the collusion question.

Also, no one’s testified yet. Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger Stone have all willingly agreed to testify in the hearings.

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But somehow, Castro thinks people are going to be behind bars soon.

Blitzer asked Castro if he’s seen any hard evidence of collusion thus far in their investigation. “I guess I would say this, that my impression is, I wouldn’t be surprised after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail,” he responded.

“Really?” Blitzer said. “And how high does that go in your suspicion – and that’s all we can call it right now.” Here’s how their exchange continued:

CASTRO:  Well, that’s yet to be determined.

BLITZER:  But you think some people are going to wind up in jail, not just one individual, but people, plural, is that what you’re saying?

CASTRO:  That’s my impression, yes.

BLITZER:  You want to elaborate a little bit on that, give us a little more? Because that’s obviously a very intriguing statement.

CASTRO:  I wish I could, but I can’t at this time.

BLITZER:  But at this point, you’re confident that at least some Trump associates will wind up in jail.

CASTRO:  If I was betting, I would say yes.

BLITZER:  Including some working in the new administration or people who worked or advised the president during the campaign and maybe during the transition?

CASTRO:  As you can imagine, Wolf, I’ll have to comment on that later. But again, if somebody asks me my impression, I would – my impression is that people will probably be charged, and I think people will probably go to jail.

BLITZER:  Without sharing the evidence, because I know it’s classified, but do you believe there is enough evidence already, evidence that you’ve seen that would justify someone going to jail or some people going to jail?

CASTRO:  If the claims hold up, most likely.

BLITZER:  Really? All right. Well, that’s pretty shocking to hear that.

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