Deep Web Chat Logs Show Conspiracy to Overthrow Trump?

The presidency of Donald Trump has revealed quite a bit about the inner workings, dirty deeds, and unfathomable corruption of our own government.

In many ways, this was the point of electing Donald Trump.  The man’s only political experiences previous to his candidacy was a brief run for the White House in 2000 as a reform party candidate, and whatever time he spent working zoning meetings in New York City.  We wanted Donald Trump to do what Donald Trump does best:  Be the bull in the china shop that We The People can’t be.

And that is precisely what has happened.  Trump entered the Oval Office and began laying waste to Obama era nonsense.  In the process of becoming President, The Donald had no problem calling out the hypocrisy of the Washington elite, and that attitude carried over into his first 100 days.  The American people were cheering.

Then came the realization by the rest of Washington D.C. that Trump was not one of them.

This was utterly frightening to the establishment, who hoped to bestow the ceremonial crown on Trump and continue on with business as usual.  Instead, they were treated to a defiant and steadfast President who was emphatic about doing things exactly as he laid it out in his campaign:  For the people.

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Now that the Washington elite are officially up in arms regarding Trump, and the word “impeachment” has been on the tips of several tongues, one strange deep web exchange has caught the attention of political enthusiasts.

“Images purportedly circulating on the ‘dark web’ show unidentified individuals alleged to be members of the intelligence community scheming on how to plant stories with the media to embarrass President Trump.

“The chat logs, taken from Gliph, an encrypted secure messaging service, purport to show a conversation, ‘held between approximately 5 individuals in the United States intelligence community on Wednesday, May 17th from 2:31 pm to 3:15 pm,’ reports the Third Estate Newsgroup.

“The messages were leaked by an individual by the name of ‘FreshCamel’ who posted them on dark web message boards on Wednesday night. He claims to have accessed a high-level FBI employee’s computer on April 24 via a falsified ‘phishing’ email that installed spyware on the computer when a link was opened.

“The chat mentions ‘RR’ and Mueller, a clear reference to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein naming former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor to head up the investigation into collusion between Trump and Russia.

“’RR isn’t taking shit and he knows our friends have stuff on him,’ writes one user called ‘Dooku’, adding, ‘I’m hearing Mueller, maybe by the end of the week.’

“’Hearing that too, WH will be blind-sided,’ responds another user called ‘Severus’.”

If these chat logs can be verified, it would spell trouble for Trump, exposing a vast conspiracy to unseat the unconventional Commander in Chief.  While many Americans certainly believed that the Washington establishment was ready to dump Trump before he was even inaugurated, this latest twist in the tale plays out more like a Dan Brown/Tom Clancy hybrid novel than reality.

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