Deep State Gangster Comey Calls Trump a Mob Boss

I’m actually willing to consider the claim of gangster Comey when he attacks Donald Trump as a mob boss. Lots or people have noticed that governments as similar to crime organizations.

Fighting for an unelected criminal syndicate of bureaucrats, gangster Comey projects by comparing Trump to a mob boss.

I’m actually willing to consider the claim of gangster Comey when he attacks Donald Trump as a mob boss. Lots of people have noticed that governments are similar to crime organizations. But at least Donald Trump is OUR “mob boss.” He’s not an unelected bureaucrat attempting to get people to allow the Executive Branch agencies to work against the Presidency. In other words, at least he’s the boss the Constitution establishes, unlike the Deep State.

The Hill reports, “Stephanopoulos: Comey compared Trump to a ‘mob boss.’

Ex-FBI Director James Comey compared President Trump to a “mob boss” in a taped interview with ABC News, according to a promotional video released Wednesday.

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“How strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss?” host George Stephanopoulos asks Comey in a clip shared by ABC News.


The interview is set to air on Sunday night.

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This interview is part of a huge media push in which Comey hopes to profit from his treason through book sales and undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump further.

As the Washington Post reports, “Ready for the media’s Comey swoonfest? Nothing can stop it now.

Maybe it is his aw-shucks demeanor (“Lordy, I hope there are tapes”).

Maybe it is his social media chops (like dropping “tbh,” text slang for “to be honest,” into a trash-talking tweet about how his jump shot is superior to Barack Obama’s).

Or maybe it is that he is a target of President Trump, whose disdain for mainstream journalists is manifest.

Whatever the reason, James B. Comey is about to be the focus of a full-on media swoonfest as the fired FBI director embarks on a 10-city tour to promote his memoir, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership” which publishes April 17.

You have not seen anything like the coming overkill since the mainstream news media discovered “Girls” star Lena Dunham. It is going to be embarrassing, if you happen to think media coverage should include a healthy dose of critical distance.

“April is officially Comey month,” observed CNN’s Manu Raju. That is probably an understatement.

Tickets with a face price of $95 are going for $850 on StubHub for a Manhattan town hall featuring Comey, according to the Hill. Televised events including a “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” appearance on CBS, a chat with ABCs “The View,” a CNN town hall, interviews with Fox News and MSNBC and much more. Not to mention the live events.

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