Debbie Wasserman Schultz Not Ready to Call Trump Legitimate [VIDEO]

While Wasserman Schultz will be attending the inauguration, she made it clear that her attendance has nothing to do with any respect she has toward the President-elect himself, because she doesn’t have any respect for him.

As to whether she thinks Trump is a “legitimate” president, she said that she’s not ready say one way or the other. But if investigations conclude that not only that Russia indeed interfered with the election, but that they also colluded with Trump for the express purpose of defeating Hillary, then she would absolutely hold the opinion that Trump is not legitimate.

This coming from a woman who had to resign from the Democratic National Committee after it was revealed that the DNC colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to make sure Bernie Sanders lost. Very “democratic,” huh? Sounds illegitimate. (Oh, but it was the Russians’ fault.)

Erin Burnett, CNN: …With 52 of your colleagues not coming [to the inauguration], with some Americans deeply upset, the #notmypresident on Twitter, I have to say, I do think whether you use the word legitimate is very important. I mean, he’s either a legitimate president or he isn’t. Which is it for you?  

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Well, I think that my viewing that, I’ll be able to reach a conclusion on when we hear more about these investigations.  

So, I mean, when you – when you use a term like “legitimate” – and that will be one I’m prepared to use if more evidence comes out that not only were the Russians significant impact on the outcome of this election but the Trump campaign colluded with them to achieve his victory, then most certainly, I would be able to use that term.  

And good for John Lewis, who has spent his entire life standing up for justice and for human and civil rights and, frankly, I think not only what Donald Trump said was absolutely vile, but I want to make sure that it’s understood that my attendance at the inauguration has only a relationship to what I believe my role is to be able to hold his administration accountable, because I have certainly am not attending out of respect for him.

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