Debate Audience Laughs, Groans and Guffaws at Democrat Candidate!

Oh. My. Word.

This is embarrassing.

In a debate last week in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, Democrat Martha Robertson condemned her GOP opponent Tom Reed as “part of the war on women.” This is not surprising as the tactic has been an essential part of the Democrat playbook for the last few years – what is surprising is the raucous reaction the crowd has to the attack. See, NY 23 is not necessarily an overly conservative district – they went for Obama in 2008 and Tom Reed (R-NY) won by just 4 points in 2012 – but the crowd seems to be tired of the “war on women” meme nonetheless.

Listen to how they respond when Robertson levels her charge on Reed.

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I don’t think NY 23 is the only district in America that is getting frustrated with the “war on women” stuff. In Colorado the candidate dubbed Mark “Utereus” is getting pounded by a Republican that the Democrats have tried to paint as “extreme” on women’s issues. Also, the GOP is gaining ground with women in polls from all across the nation… it can’t be a coincidence, can it?

Anyway, watch the video again. It’s always fun seeing a Democrat get laughed at.

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