Dear Obama: You are a Historic Disgrace


The multimedia geniuses at Breitbart News have put together a spectacular new video that condemns President Obama to the ash heap of history with an accurate and scathing review that may one day be considered the worst administration in American history.

In the days following the Muslim terrorist attack on a California workplace Christmas party, President Obama dithered, ducked and avoided any mention of Islamic terrorism. It is simply the latest in a long line of opportunities to show strength, but instead the President has chosen cowardly inaction and haughty politicization over protecting American lives and defending our Constitution.

Which leads us to Breitbart’s contention that President Obama has now proven to be a “historic disgrace.”

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In this dark moment in history, our nation has reached an inflection point–a moment when, together, Americans render their collective condemnation of a commander-in-chief who works aggressively against American interests and national security.

Dear Obama:


No President in US History has ever approached the safety of Americans with the level of SMUG INDIFFERENCE that you do.

You are SOFT on Muslim terrorists and DEGRADING to Christians and Jews.

You golf through American BEHEADINGS and Yawn Away the Death of Americans at Islamic Hands.

You have ZERO Moral Authority and we look forward to reminding you of that…

Until the SECOND you leave office.



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