Dear Lovers of Freedom, this is the Assassination of America

The left’s nihilistic effort To destroy our nation and way of life continues unhinged and unchecked.

Anyone who is a lover of freedom…a lover of America and the American way of life must be living in a state of absolute horror given what is happening today in this country. We need not be concerned with the bloody knives of ISIS fanatics so much as the Leftist terror threat metastasizing before our very eyes right here at home. True, these feral hoodlums are similar to ISIS in that they attire themselves in the black, especially careful to cover their faces from being exposed for all the world to see. They are a “band of brothers” with ISIS, in that they resort to mindless, cruel and merciless violence instead of engaging in the far more complicated process of  rational and intelligent debate. They are bent not on advancing a program of freedom, but rather, advancing a narrative of repression, especially against anyone who disagrees with their thinking. They have shut down freedom of speech on college campuses; they are daily seen destroying property and engaging in a well orchestrated political campaign to delegitimize and bring down a duly elected President of the United States. They operate with impunity under the cover of fawning Left leaning politicians and their effete corps of apologists in the news media , who defend the right of these masked hoodlums to freely express the very sentiments they are attempting to repress for those they are in disagreement with. Where is the collective outrage of the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons of the world?

America is at a crossroads. The onward march of the one-world order, with open borders and free trade agreements that ultimately benefit the corporate plutocracy is the new Bible of the Left. Its disciples are waging a war against what they have decided represents fascism, that is, those who believe in national sovereignty, tighter control of borders and the rule of law. When they cannot win in robust, honest debate, the Lefties demonize and dehumanize the opposition with charges of racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, etc, etc. Their despicable allies in both the political establishment as well as the so called “free press” are shockingly silent in the face of the gross and highly provocative manifestations of Left-wing inspired anarchy, be it overt representations of violence against a democratically elected president of the United States, or the shameful suspension of discussion and ideas across the American academic landscape. So emboldened have the minions of Nihilism become that it is nothing to openly advocate for the overthrow of the established government, call for the execution of members of the political opposition, and to actively and with total impunity disrupt the flow of everyday life in cities and towns across the country. This is not protest in the traditional sense, this is not the free expression of legitimate grievances, this is not exercising the right to dissent or to be part of the loyal opposition…This behavior is criminality, plain and simple! It is criminality in its intent and execution, and the far greater crime is the fact it is being openly allowed to facilitate the poisoning of America’s well of civilized and democratic discourse.

Democracy needs a free press and robust debate on matters of public policy. No democratic nation can ultimately survive without these essential components. What is of far greater and troubling reality in the America of today is how the current political discourse is reflective of deep maladies within the American national soul. Have we become so coarsened as a nation that silence rather than instantaneous collective outrage accompany seditious Kathy Griffin’s displaying of the severed head of an American President? Have we become so indifferent to the threat of violence against our political leaders, that we fail to feel disgust and revulsion with Democratic strategist James Devine practically excusing the shooter of members of Congress practicing for a charity baseball game because they were Republican…because they possibly represented an opposing political viewpoint? We are clearly on a slippery slope, if as a nation, we are not willing to take a stand against both the propensity toward and actual carrying out of violence in our political discourse. The events swirling around the last Presidential election have been very telling about just how far the American character has deteriorated. Our system of government triumphed in that we once again, as we have for the past 240 years, peacefully elected a new President without a coup, revolution, tanks surrounding the capitol and chest pounding generalissimos declaring the liquidation of opponents. Or have we? It seems as if the loyal opposition’s only loyalty has been to the doctrines of destroy and disrupt. The opponents of President Donald J. Trump have not yet accepted that he is the duly elected President of the United States. This rejection of reality is underscored by a concerted, well-orchestrated and hardly veiled effort to do everything possible to invalidate, remove, dismiss and otherwise deny the will of 62,000,000 American voters who translated into 306 Electoral votes making Donald J. Trump the 45th president of the United States.

For all of you incorrigible Leftist demagogues, I have a simple proposition: If you don’t like that Trump is President, that’s fine, in four years you will have an opportunity to vote him out of office. If you are for open borders, that’s fine, but let’s at least be willing to engage in an enlightened and spirited public policy debate with respect to the pros and cons of this issue. If you favor aspects of socialism over free enterprise capitalism, that’s fine too, but let’s be ready to at least have a rational discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of one system over the other, and try and find ways to utilize in our society the best aspects of both while eliminating the negative aspects. We can apply this approach to anything you want.

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We cannot have this discussion however if you persist in your disgraceful and cowardly behavior. We will not be able to accomplish anything of the rational if you persist in your propaganda campaign of non-reality, like “hands-up,” not my President, pigs in a blanket fry like bacon and a a host of other deleterious, moronic and disingenuous narratives you are seeking to perpetuate to the detriment of our country.

Our forefathers fought to rid the world of the truly evil fascism embodied in the political careers of men like Adolph Hitler and Hideki Tojo. In the hundreds of thousands they died in places like Normandy and Guadalcanal so that we might enjoy the blessings of the peace, freedom and liberty which you are so steadfastly and determined to kill. If you could at least be honest about who and what you really are all about, perhaps you might register a blip on the respectometer. In the absence of any demonstrable courage on your part, at least try and remember the real heroes of our nation who willingly gave their lives over the course of generations for the likes of your ilk to openly spit on the very values they died to uphold. You should thank God American democracy affords you the benefit of this contradiction…

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