Dear Angry Feminists, Celebrating Father’s Day Doesn’t Put Down Mothers

Dear angry feminists,

I have seen where many of you have posted on Facebook, thanking your mother for being a single mother and telling her “Happy Father’s Day.” I can understand that in a singe parent household, a mother may have had to try to play the part of both mother and father. In that case, I understand you wanting to thank her.

Here is the catch though: she is not your father, and Father’s day does not take away from her being a great mother.

Many women are fighting the “patriarchy” and have been upset over the overwhelming posts of people celebrating their wonderful fathers for being such great role models and caregivers in their lives.

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THIS DOES NOT TAKE AWAY A DANG THING FROM WOMEN. Get that through your thick head!

I could go on about this for ages, but here’s Tomi Lahren with a special message about it:

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