The Trump Revolution: Chapter III

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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The Leader, Donald Trump:

Strong man, strong presence, strong will, aggressive. He is the only one who has taken our side and we are lucky he has. He knows all of the elite-businessmen’s dirty tricks, inside out. No businessman can buy him. When the people started the move, he stood up, and took the huge job on his back. He rolled up his sleeves and he is ready to lead.

Can he get us what we hope? The stronger we support him the stronger he is.

Let me tell you something Mr. and Mrs. elite- businessmen of the United States of America. You are lucky dogs that we have elections, a peaceful way to change, or we would have shown you what you hate.

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Now America, would you unite behind Trump? This issue is far beyond the republican nomination. Now to the elite-businessmen, would you have it the easy way and accept to deal with our negotiator, or would you prefer to deal with us hand to hand.

Why Trump?

First, he is the only one who cares for the main issues and offers decisive solutions to them. The other candidates avoid these problems. They follow the rules of the elite-businessmen so that they survive and keep their “jobs”, full-time politicians working for the elite-businessmen.

Other than his personal characters, we mentioned before:

He is an Insider.
He knows who is who in that society of elite-businessmen. He knows what is going on and where are the problems.

A strong man and a manager:

In such broken system, you need someone who can impose leadership on others. Someone who can redefine and distribute the responsibilities to put a new functioning system in place. A manager knows how to make everyone work. He would make the businessman do his job that he is supposed to do for the country.

I, personally have enough knowledge to rule a country, but I would not be able to make everyone do his job, not only do it, but do it as it should be done.

A strong man, a businessman and a negotiator:

He will negotiate on our behalf. He would not let a businessman sell our government what we don’t need. He would not let the businessman sell our army a $600 dollar toilet seat. He would not let the hospital sell $60.00 Jell-O and $100.00 pill of medicine knowing that the insurance companies would collect the money from us.

A strong man and a builder:

His job is construction which means that he builds. He oversees everything. He makes everyone do his work. He finishes what he starts then he stands with pride looking at the huge beautiful building he constructed. A builder does not know a half done job, he knows only the well fully completed job.

Let me call on you America, all of you America, all the races, all the religions, all the ideologies and all the socio-economic classes; vote for your leader Donald J. Trump.

How about the other candidates?

They are playing the election game. The elite- businessmen want to see a well tamed candidate from each political color. They want to make sure that the American people are well distracted from their serious problems in ideological confrontation that avoids serious issues that touches the core of their lives. Cruz distracts the conservative people.

Sanders would distract the very liberal people. The moderates would be distracted by the rest. Now everyone is distracted and none of these candidates would confront the elite-businessmen who are exploiting the people and destroying the country.

We need a qualified, honest, strong man who is willing to confront the elite-businessmen. None of the other candidates is willing/ dares to touch the elite-businessmen.

Trump is rich enough to finance his own campaign to some extent. Our role will come when the financial burden overwhelms him, we will support him with our little dollars. The river is made of water drops. He is not waiting for the elite-businessmen to spend on him and buy his allegiance. He is a man who will lead the country, not only rule it. The presidency at this critical point in history is not about an employee sitting on a nice disk in a fancy oval office. The presidency this time is leadership of a revolution.

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Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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