De Blasio – The Immoral Moralist

De Blasio—The Immoral Moralist

Bill de Blasio is Mr. Self-Righteous, Honest Abe, Goody Two Shoes.  He cares for the poor horses in Central Park who he will protect by shuffling off to the glue factory. 

He despises racism and will not stop and frisk criminals because they might be black and that would be bigoted. 

He curses Wall Street because of income inequality even though Wall Street provides millions of jobs.

What a good man is Bill de Blasio.  But what do we see now but that he was the head of an illegal fund-raising scheme to elect Democrats to the state 

Senate in 2014?  Honest Abe de Blasio worked with unions and political consultants to contribute money to influence Senate races. 

So Mr. Legality exceeded campaign law donations.  Perhaps we should Stop & Frisk him and see how much money in bribes he has in his pockets.

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