De Blasio Caught On Camera Dismissing Homeless Woman

“He made it clear that his morning workout was more important to him,” Adesegun said, according to “Am I just supposed to stay homeless?”

If you still think that Liberals care about the poor or children, think again. Not caring is a trait of the Democrats unless there is an election coming up. I guess New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t get the message that there is an election coming soon.

DeBlasio is living proof of how the wealthy socialist elite really feel about the little people.

Daily Caller:

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio was captured on camera telling a homeless woman that he could not speak to her about the city’s affordable housing crisis because he was in the middle of his workout.

“I’m in the middle of doing my workout,” de Blasio told 72-year-old Nathylin Flowers Adesegun after she approached him while he was stretching at the Park Slope YMCA.

“I can’t do this now,” he continued, according to

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“We’re not doing this here,” he said as he walked away from Adesegun.

Adesegun was with dozens of activists with VOCAL-NY who appeared at the YMCA to call on de Blasio to increase affordable housing for the homeless in New York. More

Finally, a Democrat knows what it feels like to be confronted in a public space. Could you imagine if a Republican did what de Blasio did? The MSM would run with it for days.


“Mayor de Blasio may love working out, but his plan for housing homeless New Yorkers is just weak,” Giselle Routhier, the policy director for the Coalition for the Homeless, told “This is simply unacceptable and perpetuates the ‘Tale of Two Cities’ he vowed to fix.”

Hey, little Billy boy at least she wasn’t one of those obnoxious paid protest group of three or four shouting at you with no intention of allowing you to respond. He couldn’t even handle one protester that isn’t a screeching harpy. 

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