David Harris Jr.: ‘The Swamp is Draining and America is Winning!’

Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States last November, our country has experienced a major shift, an earthquake in the foundation of politics.

He has begun to drain the swamp and steadily exposes lies planted by the previous administration as well as many of the current lawmakers.

Conservative commentator and entrepreneur David Harris Jr. said that “the swamp is draining and America is winning!” I could not agree more!

“There is an absolute rearranging taking place in our country,” he continued in a live Facebook video, “It is good to [finally] see the fake walls that are holding up these liberals that are in high levels of authority. I absolutely believe there is a shifting taking place because of who is in office right now, because of who is at the head of our country, because of who is the commander in chief.”

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Harris is completely right! He speaks about how the head of any corporation really dictates the pace and spiritual undertone. So because Trump is so humble and truly tries to live a clean life, “the skeletons are coming out of the closet.”

“The house is getting cleaned. The media mountain, if you will [and] Hollywood is being exposed,” he said speaking of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and many other predators being exposed, “the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are seemingly playing the innocent card are being outed.”

“The swamp is being drained! Donald Trump is so on point with what is going on in our country. He said it. He said, ‘The storm is coming!'” Harris continued, and now the storm is here!

Here is the full clip:


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